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Gender MALE
Industry Government
Location seattle, Washington, United States
Introduction Busdrivermike is a writer living in Ballard, WA. I have a BS from Cental Washington University. I also have a good paying , union job. I created this blog with the intent of writing daily about local and national news, and share my views with others.
Interests I wouldn't call them interests. More like bad habits.
Favorite Movies Anything with Karate, Car chases, and Shotguns. Farrelly Brothers movies.
Favorite Music The Rolling Stones, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, and anything else that women will dress slutty to. Hey, if you want dishonesty, go turn on Fox News.
Favorite Books "Ain't nobody's business if you do. The absurdity of Consentual Crimes in a Free Society" by Peter McWilliams. Jim Rose. Historical Non-Fiction. Maus. Anything by David Boies.

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

Do you think a country that "renders" people to Uzbekastan top be slowly boiled alive would refrain from flushing the Koran down the toilet?