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Occupation Writer/Editor
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Introduction I'm a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, writer, editor, jokester, whiner, reader, eater, etc., who likes lists that end with "etc.". I started this blog because I found myself having more and more conversations, with other women in particular, about how we're all struggling to get through the days, weeks, years, etc. (!). When I turned 40 this year, I noticed the conversations going a bit deeper—I find I'm talking to more people about more things that are endlessly fascinating (the people and the talks!). I thought we could have a laugh as we chat, but also help each other as we struggle through the madness... (For information on Reid Right Editing and Writing, my aptly named editing and writing company, please contact me at
Interests Aside from work and obsessing over my almost-eight-year-old daughter and her school, figure skating, soccer, gymnastics and general happiness, I also write fiction. I am working on draft two of my first novel and hope to send it "out there" by the end of this year. I have the beginnings of a children's novel in the works (exact age level not yet determined), and a brill idea for a non-fiction book that will make me very rich and very thin. I also didn't realize when I wrote this section that this would all end up as hyperlinked text, and I find that absolutely comical. As an editor, I must point out that in various places where you see a space (like right after this closing parenthesis), there should be a comma. The program assumes I'm starting an exciting new topic. And hilarity ensues.