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Gender Male
Location Miami, Florida, United States
Introduction I have become more disappointed with what I see in our government. After reading Lee Iaccoca's book, "Where Have All The Leader's Gone?", I decided he was right. We, the American people, must hold our leaders accountable. We must tell them what we want AND they have to tell us if their legislation is actually working. Now, will any of these people respond? I don't know. But each letter you read here will have also been sent to the addressee in power via snail mail! (I am going to hate having to spend money on postage, but I find e-mail to these people is useless) Yes, I may be tilting at windmills, but I really dislike what is going on in this country I love. And if change does not start with me, who does it start with?
Interests Family, Politics, Cooking, Pottery, Photography, Making and working with databases