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Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Introduction The fondest memories most people have are not always about the “big event” but the normal everyday experiences that lead up to it. As an artist my intent is to visually capture a memory and convey it. A walk, a place, a person a workplace, a gift, a meal, all little things but they are part of every ones personal life mosaic. Each piece I produce incorporates a unique story behind its creation and each story is connected to other stories waiting to be shared and painted. That is why a lot of my work involves a series of pieces that are connected. As they are produced they unfold to tell a bigger story. These stories are the very essence of what I paint and they continue to drive me to want to paint art that connects emotionally. To have an impact the piece should evoke a memory, an emotion something to be lived over every time you view the art. If my work can do this than I know it is a success and a meaningful piece.