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Gender Male
Occupation I used to clean up dog poop.
Location 206, Washington, United States
Introduction Brent McKnight lives in Seattle. He likes movies. He likes movies a lot. More of his film writing can be found at,,, and
Favorite Movies I have a dog named Bronson if that is any indicator. If you need specifics start with Wild Zero, For Y'ur Height Only, Seagal’s entire body of work, Virgins From Hell, Roadhouse, A Bittersweet Life, the Apple is by far the best movie ever, anything with zombies and bodies of water, and Andy Sidaris, the man was a visionary fucking genius, Logan's Run, the Smokey and the Bandit trilogy, Blue Planet, Red Dawn, Dirty Harry, Cyborg, really anything where Van Damme does the splits or we get to see Mel Gibson's ass, and Boxer's Omen, Django, Party 7, Bittersweet Life, Commando, Friday the 13th 1-7, Straight to Hell, the Great Silence, Ten to Midnight. That's a good start.
Favorite Music Goblin, Zombi, Morricone.
Favorite Books Wind Up Bird Chronicle, Seagology, Enjoy Your Symptom, Freud's Worst Nightmare, Powers of Horror, Action Speaks Louder