About me

Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Apparently I work for a non-profit group because I always seem to be broke.
Location Penndel (by the R3 station), PA but a little too close to NJ, Antarctica
Introduction I was brought to the Philly area 15 years ago from beautiful Austin,TX.All traces of southern accents,patience,or civility have been beaten out of me.Now I spend most of time working as a mechanic and assisting in city projects such as the Thanksgiving Parade,4th of July Parade,Mummers Parade(yuck)etc. The coolest thing I could show you that you probably haven't seen before is a gigantic warehouse in the Navy Yard full of parade floats and paper mache animals.
Interests I really, really, really hate sports.I also do not enjoy going swimming, drinking beer, taking a walk in the park with attractive girls, helping the poor or caring for all the stray cats idiots dump off in the parking lot behind my house.Oh, yeah, and I can't stand computers.
Favorite Movies Unless it's a documentary about the evils of corporate america I'll lose interest and go do something else.
Favorite Music Anything provided that 8 out of ten people don't like it.
Favorite Books Anything explaining why I should feel guilty to be an American.

Why did Russian cosmonauts carry a shotgun with them onboard their space capsules?