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Introduction I'm complicated, complex, and confused; but that's what makes me who I am most of all. The fact that I have a blog is amusing in itself. I like English, but in no way consider myself a writer of any sort. Writing poetry is more of a hobby than a profession. In some ways I believe I need to write it. I can express my feelings through poetry and painting so much easier than simply trying to explain them. To an extent, they are the parallel to my journals. Beyond painting and writing, I love to sing. I have no training, but their is no easier way of telling if I'm happy or not. I sing most when happy and not at all when sad. I am also very much into Engineering/Architecture. Odd profession choices I know, but they are the most intriguing and exciting to me. To many people I may be seen as stiff and set in my ways; opinionated and stubborn. Others find me funny, silly, and flirtatious. Many know me to be O.C.D. and my closest friends know of my loyalty. In reality, I can be found to be all of those things, which is where the "complicated, complex, and confused" comes in. Through thick and thin, this is me; an ever-changing river of determination, love and the will to live.
Favorite Music I love all music (that even includes rap). I love it for the beat, the melody, the patterns & such. It also has to be fun to dance to cause even though i don't really know how, i love to dance.