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Occupation Telling the Truth, Saving the World
Location Inside my discombobulated head, I color outside of state lines, United States
Introduction Twisted Barbie is her name and Revolution and Empowerment are her game. Born a Gemini with a Gemini Rising, TwistedBarbie was born to get crazy and shake things up. Having lived on both sides of many spectrums, she has a views of weight within culture and society that many never get to experience…and she is using them to fight back! Currently a graduate student working on a Masters in Social Work in both Clinical Social Work and Policy and Advocacy, she also teaches and lives her Yoga. She talks in the shower and sings in her sleep and if your lucky you can catch her belting it out naked in front of the mirror. She is consistently both intellectually entrenched and yet confused about simplicity. She wonders and also know directly where she is headed. She is lost with her GPS but at home in the world. She looks at the stars every night and her life goes to hell when mercury is in retrograde. She doesn't fit labels and considers them against her religion. She has lived in three cities that start with the letter L. She often gets caught up at odd locations with crazy characters telling her their life stories. Have questions? She is an open book…
Interests Activism, theatre, musical theatre, music, ballet, tap, jazz, voice, Opera, Oprah, acting, truth, identity, radical politics, democratic party, academia, feminism, animal rights, rights of the disabled, sizeism, ageism, homophobia, lesbian, bisexual, sexual fluidity, england, self mutilation, sexual politics, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, weight loss surgery, lap band
Favorite Movies Crash, Transamerica, Akeela and the bee, V for Vendetta, Saved
Favorite Music Everything.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

I would flavor it with the expectation of things to come.