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Gender Male
Location Mumbai, India
Introduction Anand Ramachandran is a comics writer, videogame industry consultant, humourist, interactive media designer and pop culture consumer. People generally think he doesn't read books that don't have pictures. Screw them - he reads Godel Escher Bach. No, wait . . .
Interests Imitating Jewellery, Spontaneous Combustion, Micro-organism Jamborees, Being Mighty
Favorite Movies Anything that has any reference to Star Wars - including that silly song in 'Anjali'.
Favorite Music The Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporate Song.
Favorite Books History for 6th Standard Matriculation Students - by K.U.Stephen.

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

Vertical, and a little more to the left, please, sir.