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Introduction Sewing small beings is for me an act of honouring play and nature, it is joyful work towards children's relationship with the aliveness of all that grows outside. The inspirations come from the wishes of players, children and adults, and from the glory of the details of flowers, shells, seeds. When I sew I do not work to a pre decided pattern or plan, rather I listen with my fingers to the whispers in the air and let them follow the folds of cloth, the scraps they come upon that always turn out to be the magic ingredient. People often comment that the little beings seem to be almost alive, and to me they feel that way as I give them form. I do not aim for any kind of finished perfection, often tiny stitches can be seen and edges are left unhemmed, this unfinished feeling seems to invite children to play themselves into these fairies, gnomes, elemental beings, to merge into them and so to be part of creating them... the initial forms that my hands have given these small beings become altered by play and that played-with-ness makes them more beautiful and alive.