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Gender MALE
Location Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Introduction This blog reflects my personality as it is childish and immature, self-aggrandizing and ego-maniacal, a rambling stream of consciousness devoid of forethought and consideration of consequence. Therefore, it's perfect for the internet. Things you'll see here: computational fluid dynamics (CFD), social media and internet, animation art, coin collecting, popular culture, progressive rock music, abstract expressionist art, poop and flatulence humor, computer science geekery, and miscellaneous internet detritus.
Favorite Movies The Godfather, Fifth Element, Alien, Seven Samurai, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Favorite Music Miles Davis, Harold Budd, Liquid Tension Experiment, La Traviata.
Favorite Books The Sound and The Fury (possibly the finest example of the written word)