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Occupation photographer
Location huntington Beach, California
Introduction I'm a photographer and writer, formerly from Prince Edward Island, Canada. The older I get, the more of a potty mouth I've become, so beware, ye of sensitive eyes. My writing style is very conversational and I like to make up my own words and grammatical rules, so if ya's don't like it, whatever. I know the rules very well, thank you, I just don't choose to always follow them. It is my aim in my blogs to educate, inform, or entertain. I want to either make you laugh or cry, and there is rarely any middle ground. So if you can stand my potty mouthed rants, go for it.
Interests I'm interested in being over 50 and now that I am a GLORIOUS "52", I celebrate that. Not everyone GETS to be 52 and women who whine about their age annoy me hugely. Now that I am of advanced age, I do and say whatever I fucking want to. VERY liberating. "Cussing" is a new interest of mine, by the way. I find everything funnier with the fuck word in it. Also, I'm a huge supporter of gay rights and if that offends anyone's sensibilities, fuck you. I will never understand a society that doesn't stand between evil and the innocent and I think that denying anyone's rights as a person because of their sexual orientation is just plain "evil." Here's what I am NOT interested in: negative people who suck the life out of you. When I find positive fun people, I "collect" them and add them into my life. Similarly, I cull the herd when it comes to inherent, innate negativity in folks. Anyone can go through tough times, and I"m a loyal old dog friend, but ALL THE TIME, whining, bitching, moaning? Nope. Not in my address book. I love to have fun and MAKE fun and the peeps in my orbit are like minded. Growing up is mandatory. Growing old is optional. I call's 'em as I sees 'em.
Favorite Movies Recently? Blindspot. Precious. I typically like psychological thrillers and am a closet chick flick watcher.
Favorite Music i have THE worst taste in music ever. I like most genres though, pop, country, bluegrass.
Favorite Books I Heart books. I want to marry them. I am a huge reader. I do read novels, although I mostly read reference materials, medical journals and books, trivia books. My favorite novels are medical thrillers. I read Playgirl for the articles. ha ha