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Location Vidalia, GA, United States
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Introduction I am English but live in America with my lovely husband and our dog army. Attempting to get used to the GA humidity and am so far failing. The person that invented air-con is blatantly in heaven. I firmly believe that cake makes all things better.
Interests I like those conversations where you have a competition to say the most controversial thing until someone takes it too far and there is an awkward and uncomfortable silence., , I occasionally like spending time with people., , I'm less social than I used to be. I have become a dull married person, , my ideal night would be snuggling on the sofa with my husband watching TV and shouting at the news, , I like singing and dancing - albeit badly, , I really like my tiny dogs., , I also take a lot of photos., , I attempt to pretend that I enjoy exercise., , My main interest at the moment is getting used to the culture shock that is Vidalia., , It's growing on me though., , I really enjoy laughing so hard that you can't breathe properly and start crying (with laughter)., , The only three people that can make me laugh like this are God my dad and my husband., , I'm attempting to lose the gargantuan amount of weight I gained during the last year., , Damn you chocolate!
Favorite Movies the back to the futures (I had a crush on michael j fox when i was 6 as he looked about 10), , the supermans (old ones) i apparently had a plastic orange trumpet that i "played" along to the theme tune. I suspect that i was not quite in tune though...., , Amelie - such a visually satisfying film, , The Proposal - I really appreciate that there is no sudden explicit and gratuitous sex in it, , Two Weeks Notice - I love Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock together, , Love Actually - makes me cry
Favorite Music I like pop punk and make no apologies for that., , I like earnest and emotional music. No apologies for that either :), , Jason Upton is one of the best earnest and honest singers ever. He is also a little "quirky" I like that, , I'm starting to get into slightly melancholic folk music sung by women. I blame the Irish heritage.
Favorite Books Occasionally peruse some Jeremy Clarkson - appealing in his obnoxious arrogance although as he gets older he becomes too insulting, , I really like thrillers - my new favourite author is Daniel Silva, , I love the Bridget Jones Diary books - these became embarrassing after my now husband but then boyfriend read them and assumed that I had been behaving like Bridget Jones on purpose as a joke. He said that chills actually ran down his spine as he read them I had to advise him that, NO, that must have just been how I naturally am...