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Occupation I'll let you know when I grow up...
Location Northern MD, East Coast, United States
Introduction My name is Robyn and I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 17 years. We have sometimes wonderful and delightful, sometimes hair pulling 14 year old girl/boy twins and a sassy little 8 year old girl who is surely going to be our early demise. Before my spine decided to get wonky I had my own little photography thing going at Now, I still love photography but it's at a different pace. I have a zillion passions because I don't usually do something halfway unless it's putting away laundry or cleaning out the fridge. I have an endless list of things I LOVE including: obviously my family,DOGS, photography, looking for the perfect vintage find, baking,cooking,cleaning(TOTALLY just KIDDING)animals,fabric softener(really), and it goes on and on... I'm very random and if you know me in person you KNOW that and if you read my blog you'll figure that very quickly! :-) contact me here:
Interests My family, my kids, my silly brown dogs, my little feathered friends, paper, glue, and scissors!
Favorite Music CrashNelson, Nickelback, Greenday, Shinedown, etc.