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Location Chula Vista
Introduction When I was growing up, my parents had a plaque on the wall of our home that read, “Ask a question and you may be a fool for five minutes. Don’t ask, and you will be a fool for life” (Chinese proverb). I have taken this advice to heart, and I have asked countless questions that have left me looking like a fool for a few minutes, but most of those questions led me to where I am now. As a former community college student who went on to pursue a Master’s Degree, I am most interested in working with students to fulfill their dreams of a higher education, despite what perceived obstacles may present themselves. I realize that life is sticky, and we all have responsibilities that take our minds off of homework and class readings, but I also know that if the desire is there, nothing will stand in your way. Yoda said it best: “Do or do not. There is no try.”
Interests If you’re wondering what I do when I’m not reading, teaching, or studying… I have three sons and I’m married to a man who is often referred to as “The Coffee Man.” We own and operate the only private business, Jason’s Courtyard Cafe, on campus. This means that yes, I am highly caffeinated at all times. We like to surf, camp, hike, go to concerts, sing karaoke, and just enjoy this awesome city that we live in.