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Gender MALE
Location Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Introduction Hello, I'm James and welcome to my blog! I'm a fifty-something born again wargames enthusiast, swing-dancer & cake tester. My earliest wargames memories are of getting a copy of Featherstone's 'Wargames' from Birkenhead's Central Library. Me and my mate Terral decided that 'This IS The Best Thing Ever'. In the end we wrote our own rules for WW2 that involved the use of two six-sided dice (D6s hadn't been invented then)and a two-foot ruler. My earliest wargames tragedy was when my Mom trod on a recently completed Lee (or Grant) tank. My own fault for leaving a green tank on a green carpet.I can see that now..... I've collected painted and, occasionally, sold (sometimes regretting it later), armies for various periods, scales and rules sets. I also set up and ran the very successful wargames club at RAF Stafford. Just now it's 54mm FLW, HotT & Megablitz that have my attention. I've been swing-dancing since January 2012; it's the best fun ever and a great way to keep fit and meet beautiful women! I love cake too.
Interests Hordes of the Things, Funny Little Wars & Crossfire. Spanish Civil War. Naval warfare. All things Spanish especially speaking Castillian and the food. Swing-jiving & vintage clothing. Growing my own vegetables - well, trying to. Cake. Tea. Cake.
Favorite Movies Good sci-fi. Intelligent war films. Hilarious comedies.
Favorite Music Big Band Swing; Soul; Mod, Classic Rock; Punk Rock; Electro; Jazz, Funk.
Favorite Books Anything by: George Orwell, Phillip Pullman, John Keegan, Len Deighton, Charlie Higson, Phillip Reeve, Antony Beevor and many others.

What's my favourite city? Madrid.