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Industry Arts
Location we are all pilgrims, Virginia, United States
Introduction She left her family and all of her friends to follow the gypsy rover. . . . and she became a wife to a traveling writer/painter/graphic novelist and mother to four little girls, Angelica the artist, Zita the dancer, Julia the princess, and Ronia the chubby warrior baby with sparkly eyes. They all live with her in an old farmhouse on a dirt lane in Virginia. Oh and they have some chickens and a magical cat.
Interests walking, concertina, knitting, fire poi, dancing, baking sourdough, organic gardening, reading, counter-culture, conservation breastfeeding, home birth, mountain streams, chickens, cheese, chocolate, la Lunigiana, gypsy life, sustainable living, Santa Zita, Santa Lucia, Zita the Spacegirl
Favorite Books Jane Eyre, End of an Affair, Rasnom Trilogy, The Animal Family, The Hobbit, Stardust, Persuasion, Everlasting Man, Narnia series.