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Occupation Christian Science Practitioner
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Introduction After enjoying a full and satisfying career in education..then later, book publishing and public relations, I embarked on this extraordinary adventure..the public practice of spiritual law as it relates to health, family, education, wellness, human rights, community activism, environmental responsibility, finance, and the arts. This journey has been rich, heart-wrenching, lovely, terrifying, overwhelming, inspiring, and demanding....all at once. It has taken me from the cobble-stoned streets of Boston to the dusty bushveld villages of Africa. Along the way I have been blessed by a kind husband, remarkable children, an extraordinary - immediate and extended - family, faithful friends, inspiring colleagues, warm neighbors, and a heavenly host of angels. Each relationship has taught me something new about turning to God, centering myself in His love, checking my motives, speaking my truth, loving unconditionally, staying inspired, never giving up, judging no one, praying ceaselessly, and surrendering self...moment by moment. This blog is series of songs, poems, and stories from that ongoing journey. I hope it provides gentle encouragement to fellow travelers on their own path.
Interests Poetry, Women's Studies/History, adoption, spiritual healing, Christian Science, Spirtuality, Parenting, Hospice Care, writing, Education, Healthcare/Wellness, the Arts, songwriting, Scrabble, chess, running, laughing...hard
Favorite Movies Out of Africa, Cry Freedom, Cry the Beloved Country, I Dreamed of Africa, Tsotsi, Blossoms in the Dust, The Power of One, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Amazing Grace, The Martian Child, Mostly Martha, Il Postino
Favorite Music Jeff Robertson, James Taylor, David Wilcox, Dwight Oyer, Peter Mayer, Sting, Steve Schuch, Dakota Blonde, Chad Elliott, James Carrington, Carly Simon, Martina McBride, Joni Mitchell, Allison Krauss, Mindy Jostyn, Carol King, the Corrs, Don Henley, kd lang, Johnsmith, Cris Williamson, Randall Williams, John Gorka, Greg Greenway, Nanci Griffith, Vivaldi, Mozart, Barber
Favorite Books Science and Health, Bible, I Am That, Eat Pray Love, Cry the Beloved Country, The Power of One, Out of Africa, Loving What Is, Inspiration, The Right to Write, Cry Freedom, Pride and Prejudice, The Prophet, Season of Life, The Artist's Way, The Sound of Paper, Unity of Good, The Power of Now, Mary Baker Eddy, Gifts from the Sea, The Scent of Water (my new book...coming soon!), When All Systems Fail

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?

"Living Waters"