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Gender MALE
Occupation "Knowledge of many things, expert in few -- interested in most." (Copyright Notice)
Location California; Native Californian (second generation)
Introduction "...draws with pencils -- not quickly." Writing under the obliquely oxymoronic moniker QwkDrw, I fancy this blog an internet-based “column”; articles often beginning with a descriptive photo. The posts, sometimes written in series, are easily further researched by readers with links to sources, photos, video clips, and additional information. This blog is not represented as authoritative and complete -- it is a sort of brief synopsis or abridged digest version of larger matters condensed from one perhaps inexpert perspective into a reasonable amount of reading time. The topics here might be interesting to someone also of my background and may or may not be more widely appealing. 2014 Blog Award: 10 Hot Readers and their Blogs. "#4. QwkDrw - Possibly one of the first commenters on my blog the mysterious QwkDrw has stuck around... I love his sense of humor." Annabel Candy, "Get in the Hot Spot" blog.
Interests U.S. Census Enumerator 2010. Designer/Builder. Bachelor of Science Degree in City and Regional Planning: BSCRP'75. Campus newspaper photo caption writer and yearbook co-editor 1970.