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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Nothin...still in school..♥
Location My Own Little World.♥, The Fashion Captial..Nyc! ♥, United States
Introduction Namez Claire. And you are internet peoplez that hopefully look @ this blog. As-you-can-see this is my blog. I absolutely ♥ my blog. It is typically about my life and a lot of things around it. Also some other really awesome stuffz..lol. I am usually crazy, RaNdOm, funny, smart, fashion freak, art geek, and anything else you would like to call me (but nothing bad plz =[). When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer. Or maybe the next Coco Chanel. Idk ♥. Im a New York fanatic. Was born there and will always be a New Yorken (?). I love my friends, music, my family, and of course DOMO. If you r not sure what DOMO is, go search it. Isn't that why we have computers? I will leave you with words from Selena Gomez, "To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child a garden patch… to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!". ♥ ♥ ♥
Interests Domo-kun, Japanese Cartoons♥, Fashion, Converse, Chips, Cookie Dough, my family, cooking, cupcakes, good conversation, laughing, photography, scrapbooking, candles, bubble baths, slippers, lipgloss, hiking, nature, inspiration, peanut butter, mashed potatoes, blankets, orchids, flip flops, karaoke, jello, nail polish, poetry, starbucks, perfume, shoes, purses, the PERFECT jeans, dogs, horses, sleeping, not working, this AWESOME blog, pajamas, traveling, concerts, exploring the world, creme brulee, cheese, Audrey Hepburn, buying books, Saturdays, snow, lame jokes, sitting next to a fire, talking on my cellphone, dressing up, surprises, making others happy, super heroes, eating new things, sailboats, CHOCOLATE!, relaxing, games, manicures, soda, CD, my iPod, IMing, milk, tons of magazines, saving the earth, ice cream, colors, pretty flowers, rainbows, sunsets, vintage anything, walking barefoot, bookstores, road trips, strawberries, fruit, stuffed animals, IKEA, fluffy clouds, dunkin donuts, beaches, birthdays, islands, old photos, accessories, Bubble-baths, Watching Movies, Selena Gomez's Style, Demi Lovato, Music, Art, & Friends
Favorite Movies Bruce Almighty, Camp Rock, 27 Dresses, WALL-E, Just My Luck *my friend is in the movie*, Twlight *even though it didn't come out yet*, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2, the Simpsons Movie *lolz*, Devil wears Prada *fashion!* and Much More! <3
Favorite Music Classic Rock, Alt., && Some-times-PoP ((depends)).
Favorite Books Twlight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Diary of Anne Frank, TTYL, TTFN, Vampire Kisses, Vampire Kisses 2, Vampire Kisses 3, Vampire Kisses 4, Vampire Kisses 5, L8R G8R, Doll People **Kid Book I still like it...**, Superman Comics, Any kind of Comics, &Dangerous Girls By RL Stine **Met HIM!**

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

I wouldn't. I mean, poop deck is funny, why keep from laughing? &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;