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Gender MALE
Industry Religion
Location Dublin, Ireland
Introduction Right now? A window behind me, A Chair beneath me, A computer before me, Two chairs on either side, above me a ceiling, Outside the city is full of eyes
Interests Chaos, Disorder, the power of a lack of self esteem, the source of belly-button fluff, the smell from my flatmates room, the feeling of waking up after a vigorous dream feeling as tired as if you just did everthing in the dream, the understanding to get through a day in work without trousers, Crochet
Favorite Movies Silent Movies, Non-Silent Movies, Movies that are both silent and non-silent
Favorite Music Loud Music, Soft Music, The uncomfortable bridge between both loud and soft music, the type of music that makes you say "this is loud but soon it will be soft", the type of music that is soft but then becomes loud and then becomes soft again, music that is loud and soft and loud and then has an electro break-down, Music that starts off with a steady beat in 4/4 time but then changes to 7/8 roughly around 3/5's of the way through right about the time its making you think about getting a cup of tea, Pink Floyd
Favorite Books The types of books that make you want to sit down and then stand up again unless you're reading on the toilet which is really something that is typical of the French although it is something that was common in our house growing up and regrettably/thankfully is something that has lasted and might be down to the fact that my auntie lives in France and I have French cousins although how that has any bearing whatsoever is beyond me, Those types of books

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?

Um. Google are you a little wrong in the head with that question?