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Introduction I love chocolate, especially when it comes with friends. I love to read and I love to dance. I get to teach my 3 girls how to do both! I've lived the last 12 years wishing I was somewhere else, but I've finally started lovin' where I am and seeing the perks to it too. I love my hubby and I love laughing with my 3 girls...each of them make me cry the most, hurt the most, laugh the most, and love the most. My best friend in the world is Jesus...and that's not a cliche'. He really is! I know what it means to hide in His shadow, to tremble in His Presence and to cry on His shoulder, to dance to His lead, to know His peace and His joy, and to be overwhelmed by His love. He's even more than all of that...He amazes me at every turn. and I love Him!