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Occupation International Student Coordinater and Support
Location Vernon B.C., Canada
Introduction I am the mother of 3 beautiful, and quirky boys, Ayden, Cameron and Marek. My husband Dave and I, own a home in Vernon, B.C., where we plan to stay.. well forever. 'Tis the Sunny Okanagan. How can ya beat that. I work as an Insurance Advisor... Yes I am the girl you come to yell at when its time to renew your insurance. I live a simple life, gave up on the complicated things along time ago, Took far too much energy. Im not a big fan of Drama, but a huge fan of honesty. I have little tolerance for those who truth escapes them. I like to keep those most important to me close, at all times. Im known as the one to call on, when in need of advice... But often dont have a clue when it comes to myself. Isnt that always the way
Interests Reading and Writing~ People, History and other cultures~ Helping as many as I can, as often as I can.
Favorite Movies Pay It Forward~ Twilight Saga~ BraveHeart~ Gladiator~ Far and Away~ Elizabeth~ The Other Boleyn Girl~
Favorite Music All genres
Favorite Books Outlander Series, The Bronze Horseman Series, the Twilight Saga~ Anyhthing by Susanna Kearlsey, and Jusith McNaught