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Occupation Cake Decorator/Unemployed-Volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce
Location Aurora, Missouri, United States
Introduction Deidra, an odd & open minded American & Richard, a silly Dutch guy, just happened to meet on the internet in 2001 & foolishly married the following year. During their 2 years living in the Netherlands, they lived quite frugally out of necessity, not want. The things they learned across the pond are being put to good use during this economic struggle. They are surviving this recession by cooking more meals at home, making food from scratch, finding deals in entertainment, staying home more rather than wasting gas gallivanting around, recycling, reusing, repairing & being as creative as possible.
Interests Video gaming, wasting time on the computer, collaborating on meals together, movies, frugality, tightwadism, trying to live simply ..
Favorite Movies Shaun of the Dead, Bourne movies, most Quinton Tarantino flicks, anything action packed or bloody and gory!
Favorite Music Anything, except country and jazz ..

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

I just happen to suffer from post menopausal overheating .. when your plumbing is all yanked out, you have no choice but overheat!