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Introduction Hi everyone! My name's Jill and this is my little craft blog of projects, ideas, inspiration, and motivation! I'm love to spend my free time crafting. I also have a passion for the environment and love to make crafts with this in mind. I'm a recent university graduate and I've just landed my first "grown-up" job! Ever since I was little I've loved to craft. My mom would go nuts because I always wanted to save every egg carton, every styrofoam meat tray, etc. On that same note, I'm a bit of a tree hugger deep down. I try to do my part for the environment, and I try to reflect that in my crafts. Sometimes I'll reuse items, sometimes I'll use found items, sometimes I'll make a knock off of something from a chain store because that item may have been made by some small child overseas and I feel better making my own (or sometimes I'm just cheap :P) I hope you enjoy browsing my blog, and if not, I'm sure you can easily find another blog out there that you do. :)