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Introduction Hello everyone! I am Keyry and yes that's how it's spelled. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated all things beauty, but I not saying that it's important to wear makeup every day, believe me, I don't. But If I could help some of you who find themselves stumbling, like I was, to find the way how apply certain, to help them get on the path to find the confidence to be walk around in your own skin, then why not. I post haul videos; I review several Items to the best of my ability, post first impression videos when I get new things. This is a quote that I found on xsparkage's channel, that I thought was worth passing on to some of you :) "Make up is an accessory. You wear it, don't let it wear you!" -Josh "YOU make the rules, YOU wear what YOU like. It's all about number one :)"
Interests Make up, The Sims 2, Crafts, Kitting, Crocheting, Calligraphy

You moved the pot before the coffee stopped brewing. Do you smell the mountains or the burro?

What is beauty to you, is covering up the imperfection or uncovering something more?