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Location Tigard, Oregon, United States
Introduction HI! If i had to choose a place to live it would probably be near the ocean because it would have a lot of scenery.And I love to watch the birds fly across the beach and make their funny little sounds and maybe capture a video of there soaring across the beachy peacefullness.
Interests I like to play outside while eating my favorite kind of pie.I also enjoy playing on the computer or playing with my siblings.
Favorite Movies I enjoy watching the Muppets.I watched the new one in theaters.My best friend Kelly Martin took me to see it as a early birthday present.I really enjoyed the end of it.It was a really amusing movie.
Favorite Music I really enjoy listening to Victoria Justice singing because her singing calms me down when i am depressed about school or something.
Favorite Books I enjoy reading books that i wrote when i was in first grade.I also like reading captions in magazines.I love looking in magazines for little captions.They actually think that the stuff in the captions no one reads is the best part of the whole magazine.

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

Why does pie taste so good??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I really really really want to know!