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Introduction HI!!! My name is Denise. My email is I have been a vegan for 10 years now. I became a vegan for health reasons. I had really bad arthritis in my fingers and during the winter my fingers would swell, be really red, and really tender. I had read years prior to becoming a vegan that giving up meat and dairy would help arthritis. But I just couldn't do it..... are you kidding.... give up cheese and ice cream...NO WAY.... Well, the winter I became a vegan, the joints in my fingers were the usual red, swollen and tender. I happened to hit my knuckles on the desk, and my fingers just throbbed with pain. I knew right then that I was going to dig out that article again about giving up meat and dairy. To me, it was worth giving up meat and dairy if it meant I would not have the pain in my finger joints. My joints are SOOOOOO much better after becoming a vegan.
Interests I started this blog because I am always modifying recipes and usually don't write down the changes I make; therefore, it is hard to recreate the recipe again.....Or, I can't even find the original recipe I modified. I decided if I started a blog, I could easily find my recipes !!!!!! Also, instead of e-mailing recipes to friends and family, they can just look at the blog. As a vegan, I am always looking for healthy recipes that are easy to make and taste good. I try to make all my recipes without any added oil. I hope you enjoy the recipes !!! I realize everyone is not going to like all the recipes - everyone has different tastes and likes different things. I even like some of these recipes better than others !!!! I'm also a dog lover and will be posting information I have found through hours of time sifting through information (and mis-information).