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Introduction Wife, mother, friend and now a furniture painter! But most importantly, I'm a Believer! Furniture painter...yup, never figured I would be calling myself that! Not even a year ago did I expect to have this wonderful passion in my life! And that's, what it is now...a passion! I especially love taking pieces of furniture that are considered ugly in contemporary terms and transforming them into something that you love and are proud to share with others the story of how ugly it used to be! Hence my motto, "Don't live with ugly furniture!" And another thought...are you looking for your passion? Don't give up! I used to be a runner and that was my passion for a very long time until health issues forced me to stop. Now many years later at age 42 I've found my next passion in my life and I couldn't be happier! Just remember to keep Jesus your ultimate passion and all will come into focus! After all, His transformations are far better than mine! ;)