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Location Second Life, Australia
Introduction I'm a resident of Second Life, and a teacher at New Citizens Inc - a Second Life voluntary association for helping people learn SL skills. I'm a crazy person with eclectic tastes in knowledge. I love to learn, and I love to teach, and I can do almost all the Second Life creative skills. So since I can do them, the next logical thing to do is teach them - right? Thus, my tutorial collection. I've started with clothing making, but will progress on to the various other SL skills: while collecting miscellaneous other tutorials as inspiration strikes.
Interests animation, building, clothing, gesture-making, scripting, texturing, Second Life, sociology, socio-economics, history, biology, physics, storycraft, world-building, the theory of horror, psychology, psychiatry, how the mind works, cats, dogs, art, music
Favorite Books Guns Germs and Steel, Pythagoras' Trousers: God Physics and the Gender Divide, Freakonomics, Women Don't Ask, anything by Richard Feynman, anything by Terry Pratchett