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Introduction I'm not sure if it was the transient nature of my childhood as the daughter of a US Marine officer, or the early influence of my Aunt Trudie who was a flight attendant and who was always flying off to exotic locations around the globe. Maybe it was just lurking in my genetic code. But from early on, I recall having a burning desire to travel the world, and I do as much of that as time and money will allow. I fell in love with Greece after my first holiday there in 1997, and have returned many times. I was fortunate to be able to live on the amazing island of Crete for a cumulative 16 months between 2009 and 2011, and it was during that time that the Philhellene in me was truly awakened. I go back whenever I can. I have a strong interest in wine, and have worked part-time in various sectors of the wine industry. I am a dedicated care-taker to a spoiled, high-maintenance, neurotic cat who has traveled with me to Greece and back again (and then back again and back again!). I am grateful to have a wonderful family and good friends all over the world. I am currently living in Washington, DC.
Interests Travel, food & wine, photography, science, foreign affairs, philosophy.