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Gender MALE
Occupation landscape architect, teacher, drummer, TV host
Location Santa Barbara, California, United States
Introduction Born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to California when I was 8. It was pretty much music until I discovered the amazing art of bonsai, dropped what I was doing and immersed myself in horticulture, design, and now teaching through lectures, freelance garden writing, and television.
Interests Garden design and drumming are my passions, but the Moroccan stew I'm fixing tonight runs a close 3rd. You can check out my band, King Bee at for another side of my life.
Favorite Movies Monty Python's Meaning of Life, Usual Suspects, Genghis Blues, Waiting for Guffman, After Midnight, Touch the Sound
Favorite Music Steely Dan, Yossou N'Dour, Miles, Joe Cocker, Beatles, Amad Jamal, world music, Fania Allstars
Favorite Books Fiction: Christopher Moore, Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman; Landscape: John Brookes, Penelope Hobhouse; Modern Drummer magazine Just discovered Anne Lamont's "Bird by Bird" - if you write you should read this.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

I pronounce it "Three" as in "Ba-lo-three-knee". Did you know that English is such a bizarre language that GHOTI can be pronounced "FISH"? "GH" as in "enough"; "O" as in "women" and "TI" as in "partial." It's all a bunch o' baloney to me.