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Gender MALE
Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Introduction I am a native of Atlanta, where my great-grandfather came to from Ireland to work on the railroad. I own a welding shop which performs all kinds of welding and light machine work. I have not had a television since 1993 and probably will never own another one. I have worked in the firearms industry, both retail and manufacturing. I am a devotee of the Latin Mass, or "Extraordinary Rite" as it's now called.
Interests Firearms, religion, philosophy, any mechanical contrivance, conversation (with very few people), junk collecting, patristics
Favorite Movies A Man For All Seasons, Lawrence of Arabia, I Confess, The Outlaw Josey Wales, The Light Horseman
Favorite Books The Confessions of St. Augustine, Out Of Step (Chodorov), One Is A Crowd (Chodorov), income tax:root of all evil (Chodorov), The Rise And Fall Of Society (Chodorov), Another Sort of Learning (Schall), Now I See (Lunn), Revolt Against Reason (Lunn), Is Christianity True? (Lunn & Joad), The Intellectual Life (Sertillanges), Emancipating Slaves: Enslaving Free Men (Hummell), Memoirs of a Superfluous Man (Nock), On Power-The Natural History of its Growth (de Jouvenel), The Prince (Machiavelli), How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization (Woods), In the Heart of the Sea:The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex (Philbrick), Why Does God Permit Evil? (Webb), From Luther To Hitler-The History of Fascist-Nazi Political Philosophy (McGovern), The Machiavellians-Defenders Of Freedom (Burnham), Our Enemy The State (Nock), The History Of The Church (Hughes) 3 Volumes, The Law (Bastiat), Tragedy & Hope (Quigley), Within That City (Lunn), Essays Of A Catholic (Belloc), The Habit Of Being (O'Connor/Fitzgerald), Marcus Aurelius:Meditations, Sayings of Epictetus, Ecclesiastical History (Eusebius), Advance To Barbarism (Veale), Europe And The Faith (Belloc), Literary Converts (Pearce), My Boston Pilot Column (Goldstein), Letters of a Hebrew-Catholic to Mr. Isaacs (Goldstein), Liberty Or Equality (Von Kuehnelt Leddihn), The Servile State (Belloc), To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth (Cooper), Obedience To Authority (Milgram), Wartime (Fussell), Lost Rights (Bovard), Tamerlane:The Earth Shaker (Lamb), Fugitive Essays (Chodorov), An Essay In Aid Of A Grammar Of Assent (Newman), God in the Dock:Essays on Theology and Ethics (Lewis), Survivals And New Arrivals (Belloc), An Essay On The Development Of Christian Doctrine (Newman), The Lusitania (Simpson), Is Davis A Traitor? (Bledsoe), The Dark Ages (Maitland), The Real Lincoln (DiLorenzo), The Man To See (Thomas), Silent Night:the story of the WW I Christmas Truce (Weintraub), St. Augustine:Letters 6 Volumes, Anything That's Peaceful (Read), Tainting Evidence (Kelly & Wearne)