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Location Lucky Town, Somewhere near you
Introduction Frank operates a small eatery in a small town. Of the four restaurants in town CAFE AROMA is by far the best, which who is pleased with himself for being the hot guy at a Luis Guzman look-a-like contest. Having been maried several times, 2,367 times if you count the biblical definition, Frank fancies himself quite an expert in matters of the heart. Frank has no formal education, no previous experience, no common sense and no point of reference; which makes him the perfect man for the job. He loves to play the martyr, loves to play the ponies and loves to play dress up; so you can't shock him. he works out religiously to no avail. He loves Elvis but hates his music. He hates Sebastian Cabot but loves his music. At least once in his life he's been fortified, sanctified, petrified and cerified. He is both pigeon toed and knock kneed. He knows nothing about cars but everything about fiber. In short, Frank is so well rounded he can bowl with himself. He's the man I go to with my problems for truly catastrophic advice.
Interests Your Problems
Favorite Movies It' a Wonderful Life
Favorite Music Anything covered by William Shatner
Favorite Books Oh the places you'll go.