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Location South, United Kingdom
Introduction I love movies. I like writing. I'm to put those two together. I also enjoy a good argument, and act like a litagator when I want to win. Since even contained in the digitial universe this often looks like seriously disturbed confrontational trolling, I try to keep it strictly in appropriate places and directed at appropriate people. My favourite spot is probably the IMDB forums, directed mostly at racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic zealots who starts threads just to piss people off with opinions that rarely have anything to do with the movie. And sometimes people who didn't understand the movie and try to convince everyone they're idiots. Occasionally an intense comment is thrown at an undeserved party, but it's purely accidental and still a better release than arguing with my cat...
Interests movies, films, lies, truth, cats, controversy, violence, kindness, kidneys, drugs, irrationality.
Favorite Movies Vengeance trilogy, Moon (Duncan Jones'), Stranger Than Fiction, Inception, Back To The Future trilogy, Secretary, JuOn, Hotel Rwanda, Witness for the Prosecution, Hobson's Choice, Kubrick, Roshomon, Blow Up, Pixar, The Conformist, Stop Making Sense, The Warriors etc.
Favorite Music Radiohead, Sonver, 65daysofstatic, dissolved, Two Door Cinema Club, Beach Boys, The Cure, Talking Heads
Favorite Books House of Leaves, Glamorama, Haunted, In Cold Blood

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

Flash people in the park once a week to regularly get my fix of public hate, rage and abuse.