Northern Myst

About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Semi-Retired
Location United States
Introduction A liberal minded Pacific Northwest individual influenced by elements of The Great Depression, the S&L fiasco, Wall Street mentality, the .com bust and the hyperactive real estate market of 2006. Additionally, I am an avid follower of Prussian and Hawaiian history and the wrongness done to both sets of indigenous inhabitants. With that being said, I cannot not mention the fact that the Americas were pillaged in like manner by the righteous who went to do good and who did well.... Two things worth remembering: 1) a flame that lights another loses nothing; and 2) bigots, hypocrites and the leaders of all the one and only true churches have been known to be amongst the righteous.
Interests History, Geography, Geology, Paganism, Romuva, Cultures, Indigenous Cultures, Tribalism, Prussia, Prussian, Hawaii, The Baltics, Lithuania, Genealogy, Nature, Animals, Music, Knights Templar, First Nations, Travel, Civilizations, Tribes, Forests, Sacred Gardens, Trees, Folk, Ancestors, Law, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Siamese cats
Favorite Movies Kane and Abel, Shogun, Somewhere in Time, Mutiny on the Bounty, Roots, Hawaii, Erin Brockovich, The Pelican Brief, Shining Through, The Deer Hunter, The Wind and the Lion, Tai-Pan, You Only Live Twice, The Clan of the Cave Bear, Ike – The War Years, The Bourne Identity, An Officer and a Gentleman, Midway, Wall Street, The Man in the Iron Mask, Dances with Wolves, Noble House, Marco Polo, The Eagle Has Landed, Entrapment, Patton, Silver Bears, The Hunt for Red October, The Firm, Once Upon a Time in America, A Bridge Too Far, The Killing Fields, A Few Good Men, The Godfather
Favorite Music Enigma, Laura Pausini, Nightwish, Fuse, Black Label Society, Rasa Serra, Celine Dion, Andre Bocelli, Agalloch, AC/DC, Kitaro, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Richard Elliot, Keiko Matsui, Enya, Endless Grey, Inquinok, Amanda Ghost, Kalmah, Graveworm, Wolven Ancestry, Agathodaimon, Stormlord, Amon Amarth, Andre Rieu
Favorite Books History, Geography, Paganism, Economics, Law