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Gender Female
Industry Accounting
Occupation Stay-At-Home Mom
Location Ohio, United States
Introduction "All story about me" Were you born deaf? Yes,I am born normal deaf. Are any of your children or family members deaf? Yes, My kids and Fiance are deaf as normal too.. ( My Fiance don't know if he born deaf or not because there long story about him. Army men found him ( guess age around 2 or 3 yrs old ) on street at South Korea. Then their parents adopt him when he was 8 yrs old and bring to USA. (8 deaf in my family now, include kids and adults) In my family members all are hearing but just me and my middle sister and now my middle sister have three kids, she have two deaf as normal and one hearing ( because two different fathers). My older sister and her two kids are hearing... So weird! So, We don't have any GENE deaf in our family. So, We called me and my middle sister 1st Gene and now our kids is 2ND Gene... Do you hear any sound at all? No, I cant hear at all , but I can hear when I wear hearing aids and I can heard like phone ringing, dog bark, knock, and another noise. but I cant understand letters or words. When my Fiance yell to loud and I can heard him because he to closer to my ears.
Interests I love to scrapbook, craft, cooking, sewing quilt, and spend time with my wonderful babies and my fiance.