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Occupation Waitress
Location Noodle, Texas, United States
Introduction Hi! Welcome to my world in the itty bitty speck on the map known as Noodle, Texas. I am a happily married mother of 2 wonderful children ages 7 & 9. I originally started this blog back in 2007 on my myspace page. I've long since ditched the world of myspace, so I thought I'd take my most popular blogs & post them here as a way to get this blog kicked off. Hence, you now have "The Adventures of Noodleville" Please don't expect any deep insights into the inner workings of the world or of politics. What you'll get here are tidbits of my lil world, my quirky thoughts, odd hobbies, my amazing family & the crazy, outrageous adventures I blunder through while trying to survive in this teeny tiny Ol' Town-O-Noodle. Enjoy!!
Interests Small scale farming, Great Danes, Dairy Goats, Gardening, Oceans, Wildlife, Crafts, Music, Fishing, Reading, Children, Cooking, Canning, Life in general!
Favorite Movies Tombstone, Pretty Woman, Tristan & Isolde, Braveheart, Ruffian, Seabiscuit, Fly Boys, We Were Soldiers, Old School, I Love You Man, War of the Worlds, Avatar, Elizabeth, The Lovely Bones, The Sixth Sense, Lethal Weapon, Signs, The Wolfman, The Mothman Prophecy, Runaway Bride, The Tudors, True Blood, CSI, Ghost Whisperer, House, Moonlight, Bones
Favorite Music Country, Texas Country, Rock, Celtic, Alternative Rock, Bluegrass, Classical
Favorite Books Way too many to list! I'm a book junkie! Love Historical Fiction & Non Fiction...especially from the Tudor era. How to books of most any variety rock! Mystery, Thriller, Action, Romance, Science Fiction....If the author has talent, I'll read it!

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

Of course not! The hesitation is far from an act of laziness.....Hesitation shows you've throughly thought this through despite being in a sleepy haze & have decided the world would be a far better place if you got that 5 extra minutes of sleep.