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Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Introduction There are three blogs in this profile. This description is done for the first one that was Hella Heaven". I've started this blog to share the good things people create in arts, science, leisure, ideas, no matter where or when. A dash of humor, a drop of beauty and lots of creativity. Update: I do this blog as a way to make people see that thou there are many problems in the world some people are doing a lot of effort to make a change. Just by keep writing books, creating art and keep the humanities alive is a way to resist and to empower us seeing how human beings are great and the vast majority amazing people. Lately I changed a little and I am also publishing posts that have political content. I rather use the word culture because politics became synonymous of an elite that is far from their citizens. It's about time to stop fearing and speak up. Today I started to remember those who are suffering or who has suffered but did a difference. I guess that "difference" is the word to describe my mood when doing my posts. Dignity is a word that follows me not only at the blog but my life Thank you for the visit.
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