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Introduction When I am not trying to travel round the world without destroying it by carbon emissions I live in a little caravan in a forest in mid Wales, UK with no electricity and just a little woodburner to keep me warm in winter. Over the last 6 years of my life I have become increasingly aware of the effect humans are having on our planet and our collective souls and how there is a way we can live closer to nature and kinder to ourselves and our fellow people. I have found a new way of life! I try not to work too hard or be stressed out by it, I don't need lots of money as I don't need to consume lots of products or things or pay electricity bills!. I like to buy yummy, tasty, local, food which is fresh and made by my fellow country folk. Instead of working every day of the week I like to have time to spend with friends, to grow plants and be creative; play music, write and tell stories to keep traditions alive.
Interests I love gardening and will be sad to leave all my plants behind especially all the tomatoes that are starting to ripen and the blackberries too Someone will enjoy them i hope, I am learning to play the accordion and will be bringing it on my adventure to help me to stave off boredom on long journeys and maybe make some friends along the way I hope to meet other musicians and share traditional music from around the world, I love cycling the bicycle is the best invention and will miss it when I am away, I also love the sea and hope to get more experience sailing and diving when I am on my trip