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Industry Education
Occupation Teacher
Location United States
Introduction I am dangerous. I refuse to serve, honor or obey anyone lesser than me. I am sexy, aggressive, and therefore unfeminine in the norms but in any case I am a Goddess. assertive, domineering, spiteful, hostile, direct, candid, vicious, competent, competitive, pushy, sassy, independent, stubborn, mean, demanding, manipulative, driven, achieving, graceful, poised, overwhelming, ambitious, beautiful, tough, and turbulent. I refuse to be stepped upon. My wrath should be evaded. I occupy a lot of psychological space. You may not like me, but you cannot ignore me. I move freely rather than restrain, refine and confine my motion in the proper feminine manner; I seek identity strictly thru myself and what I do. I am a subject and not an object. I rudely violate conceptions of proper sex role behavior. I flush my enemies down the toilet. My attitude towards my own self and other people, my goal orientations, and way of handling my body, all jar people and make them feel uneasy. They consider me as an aberration. So they create a dumping ground for all whom they deplore as someone like me and call us frustrated women rather than applaud us. Yes, I am a BITCH. Live with it.
Interests LINGERIE, Martial Arts, Taking care of our son ShAdOw and our daughter AnYa, Honeymoon Getaways, Lobster with Lemon-Butter Sauce, Reading, Writing, Wicca, Shopping, Traveling, Full body massage, Spas, Lounging, Long baths, Bikinis, Silks, Satin sheets, Beaches, Japanese food, Glittery things, Max Brenner, Manolo Blahnik, TechnoMarine, Burberry, Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Betsy Johnson, Coach, Chantal Thomass, Clinique, RL, Esteban Cortazar, BVLGARI, Matthew Williamson - You have got to love his coats! BCBG, LV, Shu Uemuras, Blue Moons, Victoria's Secret, Havaianas, Yes I’m a brand conscious queen.
Favorite Movies *The Crow 4 Wicked Prayer* *Henry&June* *Fast and the Furious* *Le Fate Ignoranti* *Beaches* *Finding Neverland* *Hero* *Edward Scissorhands* *Boys Don't Cry* *Terminator 2 Judgement Day* *Merlin* *High Art* *Nagasaki Bura Bura* *If These Walls Could Talk 2* *Tipping the Velvet* *Corpse Bride* *Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2* *Face Off* *And Then* *Interview with the Vampire* *The Count of Monte Cristo* *50 First Dates* *My Summer of Love* *Van Helsing* *Amour de Femme* *Underworld* *Pirates of the Carribean* *Mr.&Mrs. Smith* *Shutter* *Lord of the Rings* Most Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp films.
Favorite Music Trance, Techno, Disco, R&B - some of it, I have actually outgrown this kind of music! It's so highschoolish! I'm more into Chillout, Bar Grooves, Ursula, Music from the Ministry of Sound, HedKandi HedKandi HedKandi HedKandi !!!!!!!) I am also a fan of Kylie Minogue and Madonna (Talk about SeXy!)
Favorite Books Books by Anne Rice, Dan Brown, Judith McNaught, Jeanette Winterson, Jostein Gaarder, Arthur Golden, Karin Kallmaker, Gerri Hill, Sanami Matoh