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Occupation Studio Dog Trainer/Handler for dogs in Print Ads, Commercials, & Film
Location United States
Introduction Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier, star of the original “Useful Dog Tricks” video, loves performing tricks and bringing smiles to people’s faces. Jesse and I have been together since he was a puppy, and together we have been involved in Film work, Television, Disc, Agility, and Freestyle.
Jesse has been featured on multiple TV shows ranging from the USA and the UK, to Germany and Japan. Jesse has a large repertoire of tricks, and lives each and every day to the fullest.
Whether we are having fun learning something new, enjoying each other’s company on vacation, or simply taking a nice long walk, there is never a dull moment when you live with your best friend. Any activity is 100% better with Jesse right by my side, ready to join in on the fun, with a big smile and wagging tail.
Jesse has taught me so much, and I am forever grateful to him for all the wonderful adventures we have embarked on together as a team. He is my best friend, Heart Dog, teacher, and truly a member of the family. ♥
Interests Jack Russell Terriers, Training (behavior & tricks), Studio Dog Work (including Canine Acting, Print ads, Commercials, & Film), Canine Photography & Videography, & basically anything Dog related.
Favorite Movies The Garfield Movie, My Dog Skip, Frasier, Bolt, Friends, Tangled, Marmaduke, Marmalade Boy, and Spirited Away.
Favorite Books Hurry Home Candy, Bones Would Rain from the Sky, and White Fang. I also love reading any book about Jack Russell Terriers, Holistic Canine care, and books about the Canine/Human relationship.