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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Ranchi, India
Introduction 1) I've been told that I am hug-able. 2) I like pizzas of all kind. 3) I can read and recite Shakespeare in Middle-English. 4) I can cook Two-Minutes Instant Noodles in 1 minute 50 seconds flat. 5) I can recite all the Harry Potter books without seeing them. 6).....blah....blah.... 7)....more blah...blah......... ................... 5,569,823) I know that The Answer is 42.
Interests Being Lazy, Reading, Painting, Being Lazy, Photography, Typing too fast, Being Lazy, Screaming my Lungs out to support Manchester United, Playing Video Games, Watching the night starry sky, Being Lazy.....
Favorite Movies Everything of Star Wars, Shakespeare In Love, Casablanca, Godfather, Iron Man I & II, Operation Valkyrie, All of Toy Story, Titanic plus a few hundred more......
Favorite Music Beatles, The Andrews Sisters, and anything else which may soothe my ears!
Favorite Books Harry Potter Series, Narnia Series, Black Beauty, Good Old Classics blah blah.......simply too many to put here!

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

Roll your tongue till you manage to touch your tonsils. Now stand on one leg, look to heavens, and try to say 'g' in the normal way. The sound that comes out is the the pronunciation you were looking for. :p