Sharon M

About me

Gender Female
Introduction I am a wife, mom, cook, and lover of literature and travel. Occasionally I post stuff here about our life overseas. I love living in the land that Jesus walked, and though my life is not always flowing with milk and honey, it's definitely challenging and growth-inspiring. Thanks for stopping by!
Interests I love hiking, reading, cooking and traveling to new places.
Favorite Movies Princess Bride, The Mission
Favorite Music I'm really getting into Arabic pop music right now, but I enjoy just about anything.
Favorite Books Cheezy series: Drizzt trilogy General fiction: Pride and Prejudice Non-fiction:Clash of Civilizations (probably one of the most influential books in the 90s on poly sci. Even if you don't agree with Sam Huntington, he makes some astoundingly accurate predictions and observations) Children's story: Click Clack Moo (It's hilarious!)

Hot dogs have WHAT in them???!!