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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Academic
Location Riverside, California, United States
Introduction I’m Professor of Law and Business Ethics and Associate Dean of the Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business at La Sierra University and a left-wing market anarchist. I take anarchism to be the project of doing without the state. I'm a leftist because I support inclusion and oppose subordination, deprivation, and aggressive and preventive war. I’m happy to identify as both, in something not unlike the sense suggested by Benjamin Tucker’s work, a socialist and a libertarian. Recent books: Anarchy and Legal Order (Cambridge 2013); Economic Justice and Natural Law (Cambridge 2009); Radicalizing Rawls (Palgrave 2014); The Conscience of an Anarchist (Cobden 2011); and Markets Not Capitalism (Minor Compositions-Autonomedia 2011) (co-edited with Charles W. Johnson). Next, among others: Libertarian Theories of Class (co-edited with Ross Kenyon and Roderick T. Long).
Interests friendship writing spicy vegetarian food books films law philosophy politics theology spirituality incessant conversation
Favorite Movies Un coeur en hiver, The Last Picture Show, Anything by Whit Stillman: --Metropolitan, --Barcelona, --The Last Days of Disco, The Big Lebowski, Knightriders (not the TV series), Other People’s Money, The Ice Storm, Love, Actually, The Lord of the Rings, the entire Star Wars series, Woody Allen's work from the late '70s through the mid-'80s: --Annie Hall, --Manhattan, --Interiors, --Hannah and Her Sisters, --Crimes and Misdemeanors), Primary Colors, Ocean's 11-13, The Lives of Others, the typical Kevin Smith opus: --Clerks, --Mallrats, --Chasing Amy, --Dogma, --even Clerks II, (Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is for the already convinced Smith afficionado; Vulgar [Smith-produced] is very hard to watch; I've never braved Jersey Girl) interesting additions to the "hypertext film" genre (e.g., Magnolia, Short Cuts)
Favorite Music baroque early classical English/Irish/American folk (e.g., Joan Baez--though I do appreciate more obscure artists) folk rock (e.g., Simon & Garfunkel; Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young) classic rock (e.g., Eagles, Police, Billy Joel, Beatles, Eurythmics [do the Eurythmics really count as 'classic'?]) swing/big band/Dixieland mediaeval/renaissance
Favorite Books I'm interested in philosophy and theology books political, intellectual, and cultural biographies and autobiographies books of political history-cum-journalism several varieties of genre fiction, including --urban fantasy (e.g., Jim Butcher, Stephen Brust, Laurell K. Hamilton [though her sex scenes have grown tiresome]) --historical mystery (Lindsey Davis) --contemporary, especially off-beat, PI (e.g., Peter Spiegelman) Particular non-fiction favorites include Stephen R. L. Clark John Searle Thomas Nagel Hugh (and Gayle) Prather Rowan Williams Nicholas Lash Keith Ward Bernard Williams Books I've been reading of late have included: Thomas Nagel, Mind and Cosmos Robert Caro, The Years of Lyndon Johnson L. Frank Baum, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. I'm a dilettante and I bore easily, so I'm always in the middle of several books.