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Gender Female
Location Wherever delicious coffee is served.
Introduction Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I’m a proud mama of two little ones: GirlBaby is three and BoyBaby is 22 ½ months. Yes, that makes them 13 ½ months apart. Yes, that makes us very busy! Here at our little haven in New England we love sprucing up our humble home, trying to make even just a corner of it worthy of “House Beautiful” (instead of “Cluttered Homes and Gardens”). We love iced coffees. We love taking things that are cheap, plain or dull and making it fun, pretty, or fabulous. We love to be silly. We love having a project. We love not having a project. We love a good nap. We love our children, we love each other, and you (of course!) for visiting. You’re the best. Love the shoes, are they new? Stay for a while and I’ll make some iced coffee. ~lisa~