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Introduction My name is Yolanda and I am my mother's child.... I can't tell you how this type of cancer has affected the life of my family and friends. You can't just disregard that this is life and this is a process we must go through. That would be okay if this was just passing on due to natural causes. There is nothing natural about cancer, and more especially lung cancer. Have you ever been up and personal to see someone you know try and struggle to breathe? It is the most daunting thing to witness and more than anything the most frustrating and helpless thing to experience. Our mother was our rock- period! She took care and protected us as the matriach and patriach. I tell you not to have that bond any longer is a painful and quite frankly very upsetting. I sit back and think over and over.... "why Eartha, why mommy, and why in this way"?
Interests Mae loved to relax with t.v and a book, an artist (at one time), loved her job as a bus matron and working with little children, and she loved re-arranging her house
Favorite Movies Mae's favorite movie... there were many, but she did get a kick out of "It's a mad mad world"
Favorite Music Mae loved her some reggae and definately old school R & B- Motown classics. As she used to say they don't make music like that anymore.