About me

Location Nova scotia, Canada
Introduction I am a wife and proud mother of two very active boys! I currently stay at home tending to the every whim of my two children and husband(my third child). I have lived and explored many areas of Canada following my husbands career. For 5 years we lived in the north (3 in Nunavut and 2 in the North West Territories), 4 years in Alberta, and now here in Nova Scotia. I have visited every Province and Territory but 2, (the Yukon and Newfoundland). It is a goal of mine to get to both of these places. I have a university Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University and have had many different and varying positions both involving and not involving my education over the past 13 years. I am however, really enjoying and appreciating my time at home right now with my family.
Interests I Love exercise! I run, walk, and follow numerous videos daily! I also enjoy playing organized sports such as basketball when I have the chance.
Favorite Movies I adore comedy and romance movies.
Favorite Books I am a fan of vampire books, especially Stephanie Meyer's "The Twilight Saga." I am currently reading her new book "the Host." Although it is not a vampire book it is a very interesting read. I also enjoy romance novels.