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Location New England, United States
Introduction Cooking, photography, gardening, researching, thinking…these are a few of the things I enjoy doing. All of them have the potential to contribute to growth in some form. Cooking, when shared with others, will grow relationships. Photography helps me look at things from different angles and perspectives. If I methodically tend to it, healthy produce will grow in my garden. Finally, and most importantly, my faith, grounded in the person of Jesus Christ, will grow, if my thoughts are coupled with prayer, appropriate actions and attitudes. Growing here in New England, can be a challenge. For gardening, the optimum window of opportunity is short, requiring careful planning and responsibility. In the area of faith, according to Newsweek magazine, "the Northeast emerged in 2008 as the new stronghold of the religiously unidentified." This harsh reality necessitates a steadfast commitment in a sometimes, austere environment. Join me as I travel through this “Ground To Grow On”, where God is visibly at work, growing His children to be more like His Son, Jesus, and growing His Creation, perhaps a bit more like Eden, yet with a bit of snow.