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Occupation kept woman
Location Paris, France
Introduction Born in the Midwest, where I grew up to be a typical golden haired cheerleader/class president/most likely to succeed. And then I said, its not enough. So I ran away to boarding school where I learned to be a true global citizen, have a conscience, and look beyond the superficial to see the commonalities that unite us all, which basically means that I got fat, stopped dying my hair and shaving my legs, and- I admit it- wore some flannel. But then I came to Paris and saw the error of my ways (as far as personal hygiene was concerned) and met the love of my life. After an all too brief love-affair with Scotland (where I also did a bit of studying and got myself a degree) I returned to Paris where I now live. I tried a few different careers, none of which took, and so here I am, a stay-at- home mom to a gorgeous little girl named Ella, waiting for the next thing to come along and grab my attention. And also trying to live as big as I can while I am young (and still a little bit golden...)
Interests I love cooking and could spend days in my kitchen, slaving away over a hot stove. Its comes from having a big family. We can't see each other for 5 minutes without there being several hundred calories involved. Still, through lots of willpower and yoga, I manage to remain one of those slightly suspect skinny chefs, I love diving, after a magical vacation in the Maldives where I did my first dive. If I had had a chance to try this out when I was younger I think that I would be living a different life right now- the life of a diving bum, eating bananas and living in a shack on the beach. I love doing crafty, arty things. Right now I'm learning to knit, before that it was embroidery, before that it was sewing. I guess since my work has always been so academic or intangible I have this need to make things. I love having parties. I love travelling. I love taking photos of my family. I love purses and shoes. I love going out for lunch. I love baths. I love drinks before dinner. I love driving through Paris along the Seine at night. I love breakfast on the terrasse at the cabin, when the sky is totally blue and the air smells like cut grass. I love eating raspberries off the bush. I love lying in bed on freshly ironed linen sheets.